Web technician

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I'm Senior Technical Support Engineer at Botify 👍 ( in Paris since April 2016. My mission is to manage assistance and support for the company's customers (mainly large accounts) on all technical questions/issues.

Previously, I was a freelance 👨‍💼 (site creation/scriptwriting), Technician Support at HiPay ( for 4 years and PHP developer during my internships.


My first domain was registered in August 2001, being self-taught on website creation during my teenage years! 🤓

I created several websites which had some success, such as (among others) a humor website (, a virtual breeding site (, an age estimation wesite ( and also a service to find the postal code of a city (
Some have had thousands of members (43k +), I managed alone the community, hosting, marketing and service availability.

The most recent (apart from my freelance missions) is, an orientation guide for French students, which we sold 💰 with my friend ( to the DigiSchool group (digischoolgroup. com) in order to devote ourselves to other projects and our respective careers.


Since I like to manage a project from A to Z, I am interested in all the necessary skills:

⌨️ Programming : PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML, Python..
📁 Projects: Management, Marketing (SEA), Referencing (SEO), Hosting (AWS, OVH ..)
🎤 Technical support: Customer relationship (Zendesk), Technical documentation (Jira), Tests
💬 Communication: Design (Photoshop), Video (Premiere Pro)


After a "DUT Services et réseaux de communication" at IUT Nancy-Charlemagne in 2006 that gave me the possibility to learn how to carry out a multimedia project, from its conception to its distribution, I then specialized in web development with a "Licence Conception/Intégration de Systèmes Internet Intranet" 🎓 in 2008.

I then trained myself on different specialties (English 🇬🇧, DevOps) and acquired other skills during my missions in companies (Customer service, Linux, etc.)